Aus: ProgGnosis vom 6.1.2005


On After Long Years the Lukas Tower Band play some very good 70’s inspired melodic symphonic prog.
Listening to the album I hear at times hints of early King Crimson and also Van Der Graaf Generator, but the Lukas Tower Band is never agressive like these bands often were. In fact there is a mellow and almost soulfoul feel in the music.
If I were to pick a particular band as a reference to give an idea of the Lukas Tower Band, it would be Curved Air, this because of the mood coming out of the music, the use of acoustic instruments (violin, accordeon…) but mostly because of Angela Maier’s singing, that in many ways remind me of Sonja Kristina.
If you are interested in listening to some very good melodic progressive rock, check out the sound samples at the Lukas Tower Band website. I strongly recommend this album.